System Cleaner 6

A new version of our computer cleaning and registry optimization program, System Cleaner, was just released.

What’s new in System Cleaner® 6

Scan & Repair
System Cleaner 6 has a brand new interface that allows you to quickly and easily scan for issues on your PC and repair them in a single action.

Automatic Maintenance
Automatic Maintenance allows you to perform maintenance tasks to keep your PC in top shape.

Disk Doctor
Checks your hard drives for problems related to bad sectors, lost clusters and directory errors.

Disk Defrag
Defragmenting hard drives reorganizes scattered data, which boosts file access speed and extends the life of the drive. It is recommended that you periodically defragment your hard drive.

Disk Wiper
Disk Wiper wipes the free space of your hard drive to remove any remnants from non-secure deleted files. Free space is unused hard drive space that is not allocated to any current files. However, free space may still contain all or part of files you have deleted.

Fix Security Vulnerabilities
Security Optimizer performs a security inspection of critical areas of your PC that leave you exposed to potential outside threats and offers solutions to fix any issues found.

Internet Optimizer
Memory Defrag
Repair Wizard
SSD Optimizer
Startup Optimizer
USB Immunizer

Find out more about all the new features of System Cleaner and download a trial version from the official web site,