ADS Scanner – Discover what files have hidden Alternate Data Streams (ADS) attached

We have recently been asked by our customers to analyze another possible privacy and security threat, Alternate Data Streams, which resulted on the release of a new freeware program, ADS Scanner.

What are Alternate Data Streams (ADS)?

Alternate Data Streams (ADS) are pieces of info hidden as metadata on files on NTFS drives. They are not visible in Explorer and the size they take up is not reported by Windows. Recent browser hijackers started using ADS to hide their files, and very few anti-malware scanners detect this.

What does ADS Scanner do?

ADS Scanner searches through your drives and lists all the files that have Alternate Data Streams attached. You can then remove all or some of the streams found.

ADS Scanner is absolutely FREE.

Is it really FREE?! What’s the catch?

ADS Scanner is absolutely free of charge for home and corporate users alike. We believe that ADS Scanner is a must have tool for Windows users to better understand what kind of information is present on their computers.

If you want to support further development, please consider purchasing our award winning program Total Privacy that will help you protect against today malicious online and offline threats.

More information about ADS Scanner

Note: this application can also display legitimate ADS streams. Don’t delete streams if you are not completely sure they are malicious!