Two free utilities released

We’ve just released two new utilities and best of all they’re both free!

Taskbar Control rearranges the buttons on your Windows taskbar by simply dragging and dropping them. More about Taskbar Control here

Taskbar Control

PC Usage Viewer shows the times your computer has been active with no previous setup required. More about PC Usage Viewer here

PC Usage Viewer


  1. Yagil Hertzberg · June 18, 2007

    I downloaded PC Usage Viewer today and I like it.
    However, it shows start and shutdown times 7 hours later than they actually took place, e.g. a noon start time will show as 7pm.

  2. steven · June 18, 2007

    Yagil, we are analyzing the issue you reported and will be releasing an updated version soon. Thank you for your feedback.

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