Pointstone Shredder

Deleting files alone may not protect your privacy from those who are determined to uncover your personal and sensitive information and are prepared to employ more advanced file recovery methods.

To prevent this we are now including Pointstone Shredder with System Cleaner (starting from version 5.5) and Total Privacy (starting with version 5.1). Pointstone Shredder integrates with Windows® Explorer and offers the most advanced shredding methods available today to ensure that even if the underlying file system does not physically remove all remnants of your files, their contents are effectively inaccessible. You can choose to shred your files from 10 of the most sophisticated data destruction algorithms in existence to be certain that your confidential files, data and information are totally beyond recovery.

To start using Pointstone Shredder, simply right-click a file or folder and select “Pointstone Shredder”.
Pointstone Shredder - Windows Context Menu

You will then see a message asking to confirm the file(s) deletion with Pointstone Shredder.
Pointstone Shredder - Confirmation Message

If you wish to modify the shredding method or any of the program’s settings click the Options button.
Pointstone Shredder - General Options
Pointstone Shredder - Shredder Options

Confirming the file deletion with Pointstone Shredder will then display the shredding progress window that shows the current and overall file progress as well as a detailed log of the files securely deleted.
Pointstone Shredder - Confirmation Message